Personal Training

If you have tried everything but nothing seems to work
If you are lost and have no idea where how to start working out
If you are tired of one size fits all programs
If you want and need the accountability of having a coach with you 24/7
If you want a bikini ready body in just 90 days!
This 1:1 coaching program is a fully customized workout and nutrition plan where I work with you directly to help meet YOUR specific goals get you finally seeing results.


If you want to get active, but are not sure where to begin
If you want to start moving more but don't have access to a gym
If you want to move more daily but are limited on time

Ease your way into an active lifestyle with introduction to basic workouts and staple exercises.

Low-impact basic movements

Exercise 3x a week, walking only

Do this by yourself or with friends, no equipment needed!


If you want an intense, effective, fat burning workout in 30 minutes or less
If you want to learn more about free weights and the hundreds of exercises you can do with them!

If you want the flexibility of training at home or on the road with minimal equipment!=

24 workouts

Dumbbells only

Fun cardio challenges



Like all good things in life, achieving a bootylicious figure takes time and commitment

The most efficient and quickest way to a better booty is having a strategy and a plan

Zeroing in on your booty and learn new dynamic ways to tone and strengthen your glutes without doing just squats!


4 weeks of booty blasting workouts using dumbbells, machines and bands

Gym required.

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